Our Festival

The Brandon Festival of the Arts Inc. is a non-profit cultural organization based in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. With the help of dedicated volunteers and supporters, the Festival runs for approximately four weeks in February and March of each year. Participants including dancers, speech artists, instrumentalists, vocalists and choirs, are given the opportunity to develop and improve their performance skills. Evaluations, coaching, and workshops are provided by professional adjudicators drawn from across Canada and the United States.


The Festival strives to promote and encourage participation in, growth and development of, and appreciation for the performing arts in the Brandon community.

Goals & Objectives

  1. To provide individuals with the opportunity to participate in arts activities at any level and to experience personal growth
  2. To provide individuals with the opportunity to develop their skills and an appreciation for the arts
  3. To encourage the arts to be an integral part of a person's life, and the Festival to be a positive developmental experience

Board of Directors

Executive Members

President: Jason Stitt
First Vice-President: Dori Driedger
Second Vice-President: Debee Brickner
Treasurer: Nicole Steele

Members at Large

Debee Brickner
Dori Driedger
Matthew Heyday
Darlynne Smith
Jason Stitt
David Simard

Executive Assistant

Remy Renz

Website Design and Content

Joel Brennan